Frozen Crab Cakes in Air Fryer: A Quick Guide to Crispy Delight!

Welcome to your complete guide on Frozen Crab Cakes in an Air Fryer, where convenience meets delectable taste in every bite. Are you dreaming of that perfect crispy, golden crust on crab cakes but dread the usual frying fuss? Your air fryer is about to become your best kitchen friend! Here, we embark on a culinary journey to transform your frozen delights into a gourmet experience that’s both effortless and astonishingly delicious.

Gone are the days of heavy oils and messy stovetops. With an air fryer, preparing frozen crab cakes becomes a breeze, offering a healthier alternative without compromising on taste. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or new to the kitchen, this guide will walk you through each step to achieve the ultimate crispness and flavor. From selecting the best crab cakes to the final, mouth-watering outcome, we cover it all.

So, get ready to impress yourself and your guests. We’ll provide all the tips, tricks, and insights you need to turn those frozen rounds into culinary masterpieces. Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to scrumptious, air-fried crab cakes that promise a crunch in every bite. Let’s fire up that air fryer and start cooking!

Why Choose an Air Fryer for Frozen Crab Cakes?

Air fryers have revolutionized home cooking, offering a healthier, cleaner, and faster method to enjoy your favorite dishes. When it comes to Frozen Crab Cakes in an Air Fryer, the advantages are plentiful. Let’s dive into why an air fryer should be your go-to for cooking these savory treats.

Healthier Cooking

Firstly, air frying significantly reduces the need for oil. Traditional frying methods can soak your crab cakes in unwanted fats. With an air fryer, a minimal amount of oil is needed, typically just a light spray. This method cuts down on calories and fats without sacrificing the crispy texture and rich flavor you love.

Consistent and Even Cooking

Forget the uneven cooking and soggy spots often associated with oven baking or pan-frying. Air fryers circulate hot air around the food, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout. This means your frozen crab cakes cook evenly, achieving a uniformly crisp exterior and a warm, tender interior.

Time Efficiency

Time is precious, and air frying understands that well. It takes just minutes to preheat an air fryer, and in no time, your frozen crab cakes are ready to enjoy. This quick turnaround is perfect for busy evenings or when you’re simply too eager to wait for a delicious meal.

Easy Clean-Up

Another perk of using an air fryer is the minimal cleanup required. Most models have non-stick baskets that are dishwasher safe. Say goodbye to oily pans and stubborn stains. With an air fryer, you spend less time cleaning and more time savoring your tasty crab cakes.


Finally, air fryers aren’t just for crab cakes. Once you’re comfortable using it for frozen crab cakes, you’ll find that an air fryer is versatile enough to cook a wide range of foods. From vegetables to meats and even desserts, it’s a one-stop solution for a multitude of recipes.

Now that you understand the many benefits of using an air fryer to cook frozen crab cakes, let’s move on to how you can achieve the best results. Stay tuned as we guide you through the process step by step, ensuring every crab cake you cook is as delicious as the last.

How to Cook Frozen Crab Cakes in an Air Fryer

Cooking Frozen Crab Cakes in an Air Fryer is not only simple, but it also yields incredibly delicious results. Follow these steps to ensure your crab cakes turn out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, all while saving time and reducing added fats.

Step 1: Preheat Your Air Fryer

Firstly, start by preheating your air fryer to the recommended temperature. Typically, this is between 375°F and 400°F. By doing so, you ensure that the crab cakes begin cooking immediately and evenly once they hit the basket.

Step 2: Prepare the Crab Cakes

Meanwhile, arrange your frozen crab cakes in a single layer in the air fryer basket. It’s important to avoid overlapping or stacking them, as this will prevent even cooking. If desired, a light spray of oil can be applied to enhance their golden color, and choosing among the healthiest oils for cooking can make a difference.

Step 3: Cooking Time

Once the air fryer is ready, slide in the basket and set the timer. Generally, cooking times vary based on the size and thickness of the crab cakes, but they usually take about 10-15 minutes. Importantly, halfway through, flip the crab cakes to ensure both sides become perfectly crispy.

Step 4: Check for Doneness

After the timer dings, check the crab cakes for doneness. They should be golden brown and crispy. Additionally, a meat thermometer can be used to ensure the internal temperature has reached 165°F, the safe point for consumption of seafood, as recommended by food safety guidelines.

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy

Finally, carefully remove the crab cakes from the air fryer and let them cool for a brief moment. Serve them with your favorite dipping sauces, lemon wedges, or a fresh side salad to complete the meal. Now, sit back and enjoy the delicious results of your minimal effort!

Additional Tips for Best Results

  • Do Not Overcrowd: Remember, air fryers work most efficiently when air can circulate around the food, so avoid overcrowding.
  • Adjust Times for Different Models: Additionally, be aware that air fryers can vary, so it’s wise to start checking your crab cakes a few minutes earlier than the recipe suggests, especially if it’s your first time cooking them.
  • Experiment with Settings: Lastly, don’t be afraid to adjust the temperature or cook time slightly. Depending on your air fryer model and the specific type of frozen crab cakes, slight adjustments might yield even better results.

Best Frozen Crab Cakes Brands for Air Frying

Choosing the right brand of frozen crab cakes can make a significant difference in taste and texture. While many options are available, some stand out for their quality and compatibility with air frying. Let’s look at some top choices and discuss how different brands might require slight adjustments in cooking.

Top Brands for Air Fried Crab Cakes

  1. Phillips: Known for their Maryland-style crab cakes, Phillips offers a consistent quality that crisps up nicely in the air fryer. They’re packed with flavor and have a good meat-to-filler ratio, making them a popular choice.
  2. SeaPak: Another favorite, SeaPak crab cakes are convenient and tasty, with a breadcrumb coating that becomes delightfully crispy when air fried.
  3. Gorton’s: Gorton’s crab cakes are well-loved for their hearty texture and savory taste. They are a solid option for those who prefer a denser crab cake.

Adjusting Cooking Times and Temperatures

Different brands may have slight variations in size, density, and moisture content, affecting how they cook in an air fryer. Here are some tips to get the best out of each brand:

  • Start with the Recommended Settings: Initially, use the cooking time and temperature recommended in this guide or on the package. This will give you a baseline to work from.
  • Monitor Closely: As you try different brands, keep an eye on the crab cakes during their first cooking trial. Note if they cook quicker or require more time to crisp up.
  • Make Adjustments: If you find the crab cakes are cooking too quickly or not browning enough, adjust the temperature or cooking time accordingly. A slight increase or decrease can make all the difference.
  • Keep Notes: Especially when trying out new brands, jot down any adjustments you make and the results. This will help you achieve consistent results every time.

Quality Matters

While many brands offer convenience, not all frozen crab cakes are created equal. Pay attention to the ingredients list for a higher crab meat content and fewer fillers. Quality ingredients will yield a better-tasting and more satisfying end product.

Trying Store Brands

Don’t overlook store brands or lesser-known names. Some may surprise you with their quality and flavor. Experimenting with different brands can lead to discovering a new favorite that works perfectly in your air fryer.

Serving and Pairing Ideas for Air-Fried Frozen Crab Cakes

Once you’ve mastered cooking frozen crab cakes in your air fryer, the next step is to consider how best to serve them. Elevating your crab cakes from simple to spectacular is all about the right accompaniments. Here are some delightful serving and pairing ideas to complement the crispy, savory flavors.

Dipping Sauces

A great crab cake is often accompanied by a flavorful dipping sauce. Consider these classic and delicious options:

  • Remoulade: Traditionally, this tangy, mayonnaise-based sauce pairs wonderfully with the savory notes of crab, and you can make your own traditional remoulade sauce with just a few ingredients.
  • Tartar Sauce: Similarly, tartar sauce offers a creamy texture with a hint of tanginess, complementing the crispy exterior of the crab cakes beautifully.
  • Cocktail Sauce: Alternatively, for those who enjoy a bit of heat, cocktail sauce with horseradish and ketchup can be an excellent match, enhancing the rich flavors of crab.

Side Dishes

In addition to sauces, choosing the right side dish can turn a simple meal into a complete culinary experience. Here are some options that pair well:

  • Coleslaw: A light, tangy coleslaw can balance the richness of the crab cakes with its crisp freshness, offering a delightful contrast.
  • Roasted Vegetables: Furthermore, air-fried or roasted veggies like asparagus, bell peppers, or zucchini make a healthy and colorful side, enhancing the overall meal.
  • Salad: Alternatively, a mixed green salad with a light vinaigrette dressing is a simple yet elegant accompaniment that lets the crab cakes take center stage.

Wine Pairing

Moreover, selecting the right wine can profoundly enhance the flavors of your crab cakes. Generally, white wines work best:

  • Chardonnay: A buttery Chardonnay can complement the richness of the crab, adding a layer of complexity to the dish.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: On the other hand, for a lighter pairing, the crispness of a Sauvignon Blanc is a refreshing choice that cuts through the richness.
  • Pinot Grigio: Lastly, this wine’s clean and slightly fruity profile pairs well with seafood, making it a versatile choice for crab cakes.

Serving Tips

Finally, remember that presentation matters. Serve your crab cakes on a bed of greens or with lemon wedges for a restaurant-quality presentation. Ensure crab cakes are served warm for the best texture and flavor. Also, consider the portion size, especially if serving as an appetizer or main course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Cooking Frozen Crab Cakes in an Air Fryer

When it comes to cooking frozen crab cakes in an air fryer, several questions often arise. Below are answers to some of the most common queries, providing you with the know-how to achieve perfect crab cakes every time.

How Long to Cook Frozen Crab Cakes?

Typically, frozen crab cakes take about 10-15 minutes to cook in an air fryer set at 375°F to 400°F. However, the exact time can vary based on the size and thickness of the crab cakes. Start checking for doneness around the 10-minute mark, looking for a golden brown color and crispy texture.

Can You Air Fry Frozen Crabs?

Yes, you can air fry frozen crab cakes directly without thawing. The air fryer is designed to cook foods quickly and evenly, making it ideal for frozen items. Just ensure that they are placed in a single layer for even cooking and crispness.

What Temperature Do You Air Fry Frozen Crab Cakes?

The ideal temperature for air frying frozen crab cakes is between 375°F and 400°F. This range ensures the outside gets crispy while the inside remains moist and tender. Always preheat your air fryer for a few minutes before adding the crab cakes to achieve the best results.

How Do You Cook Phillips Frozen Crab Cakes in the Air Fryer?

To cook Phillips frozen crab cakes in the air fryer, preheat your air fryer to 375°F. Place the crab cakes in a single layer in the basket, ensuring they don’t overlap. Cook for 10-15 minutes, flipping halfway through, until they are golden brown and heated through. Adjust the time slightly if needed based on your specific air fryer model.


Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the delightful world of cooking Frozen Crab Cakes in an Air Fryer. From the health benefits and time efficiency to the easy clean-up and exceptional taste, it’s clear that using an air fryer is a fantastic way to enjoy this classic dish. We’ve walked you through the steps for cooking, shared the best brands, offered serving suggestions, and answered common questions to ensure your culinary experience is as enjoyable as it is delicious.

Remember, the key to perfect crab cakes is not just in the cooking; it’s also in choosing quality products and pairing them with the right sides and sauces. With the tips and insights provided, you’re well on your way to impressing friends and family with your air fryer skills.

So why wait? Gather your favorite brand of frozen crab cakes, preheat your air fryer, and get ready to enjoy a meal that’s sure to become a new favorite in your household. Happy cooking!

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